Characteristics of an Effective Educator

In my opinion an effective educator is one that strives to achieve all aspects of the architecture of moral education. That the 5 responsibilities of service (volunteerism), honesty (truth), civility (obedience), kindness (mercy), participation (cooperation) and commitment (work) are based on the respect of the environment (property and creation), society (family, elders, others), religions and yourself. With these standards one can achieve not only effectiveness but also eclipse into greatness.

With the responsibility of a teacher comes being a leader in your field, a facilitator of learning, being receptive to feedback and continuing to be a self learner by staying broad and current on instructional strategies. How does one go about being a facilitator of learning? being clear about expectations and instructional goals, being knowledgeable about their students and their development in social contexts, and developing connections to other disciplines to relate those subject matters to their own.

Key words of disposition were tossed around in class, empathy, compassion, engaging, excitement, encouraging, etc.