Module 5 Question and Resources

Q: What is the difference between cyber-bullying on campus and off campus, how are they handled and what resources do teachers have to address them?

I found this great flow chart that helps in making a decision about what to do as it relates to off and on campus but it doesn’t go into the resources that teachers have to address them,

So what is this “solution team”? I had to look it up at, but its basically a peer lead group where the bully is introduced to a group of peers that are brainstorming solutions and have some real life experiences to bring to the discussion. It’s described below:

“Solution Team® is a radically effective response to bullying in which a trained educator—a Solution Coach®—brings together a team of students and leverages their empathy to end the bullying of one of their peers. The educator tells the team they are not in trouble, describes how it feels to be in the target’s shoes and asks the team what they can do or stop doing to stop the bullying. The team includes the bully, the bully-followers and positive leaders from the peer group. The educator leads the team through two structured follow-up meetings, the final one attended by the target.”

I also appreciated all of the resources here at the anti-defamation league that would continue past the solution team approach and work in prevention and parent techniques.


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