Module 4 Question and Resource

My Triggering Question: This is my favorite block of content so far, as I love games. What games exist that will help me with engaging kids and deliver the chemistry content?

Turns out there is not much in the way of games that currently exist, but I was excited to find out how easily a flash game could be made, and then it got me thinking about getting the students to create their own flash game ideas and content to go along with them. If I got them started at brainstorming from the beginning of the semester, then perhaps as a class we could build something by the end of the term. I did find a resource that lets you essentially fill in the blanks for several flash games (so not only chemistry) called I tried a few of thier demos and I think it would be a great model to start the students out with. I am imagining the kids in class that already have experience with that engaging with the content in new ways as well as getting the rest of the class up to speed with what they bring from their experiences.


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