Module 3 Comments and resources

How do I not get absorbed by all of the resources and time it takes to employ them in the classroom? Okay not an answerable question. How about, What can I provide to the students that are not as digitally fluent that would get them on par with the rest of the class and how do I accommodate the students that do not learn in that format?


I think in all of the provided resources it is apparent that useful integration of technology in the class is beneficial. But to some who have not had that exposure or are not able to focus on the digital task given to them when faced with those resources it can be challenging to all parties involved. So I would like to pick a resource that is both limited and simple to pilot with the class, and provide them with a large portion of class time at the beginning evaluating the ease of use with the students and prompt them for feedback on some practice examples first. I believe sending a letter to parents on the first day to introduce them to the instructional methods will also ease those less fluent onto the right path.


I would like to incorporate these online resources through Seesaw for my chemistry classes (Links to an external site.)

Staying up to date with beautiful infographics in each class using these: (Links to an external site.)


I imagine I will still be using PowerPoint and the document camera, but I will have to spend less time creating lesson plans with resources like those listed above, allowing me to spend more time on building student relationships with the materials.


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