Module 2 Comments and Questions

What software’s exist that integrates a language translation function to communicate with other countries?

I was thinking about integrating the Google translate capture image function with the seesaw software to see how well it could translate student made content. This could be integrated within the blog on seesaw as well.

In reading “facilitating students global perspectives” I get the impression that setting up a classroom wiki of the content from seesaw would allow for cross-cultural communication. I wonder if the blog section of seesaw is exportable to a Web 2.0 application, will look into it!

Ertmer, P. A., Newby, T. J., Yu, J. H., Liu, W., Tomory, A., Lee, Y. M., et al. (2011). Facilitating students’ global perspectives: Collaborating with international partners using Web 2.0 technologies. The Internet and Higher Education, 14(4), 251–261.


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